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Millfield Wind Converter

The Millfiled Wind Converter can convert energy from wind with smooth, changing or chaotic wind directions to electricity or pumping of water supply or wastewater.

With its limited size and easy maintenance, the Millfiled Wind Converter can be mounted in many different places such as:


  • In mountainous areas with chaotic wind conditions

  • For remote buildings in areas without costly cabling.

  • Energy farms in fields - possibly supplemented with solar cells.

  • For self-sufficiency and increased growth in developing countries.

  • As a temporary power supply for expeditions or emergency aid.

  • On construction sites as well as festival and marketplaces.

  • On rooftops, masts or on the established street lighting.

  • As a combined energy supply and untraditional advertising space on company roofs or parking lots.

The Millfiled Wind Converter is still under development.

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