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The challenge

The whole world is experiencing an increasing need for electricity. Especially in developing countries, stable electricity could change the quality of life, health, and future opportunities for many citizens.


In Africa and Asia, there are major challenges in combating poverty, epidemics, high child mortality and lack of schooling. Many do not have access to medical care, clean water or the electricity needed to run hospitals, production, schools, and trade. Even modern forms of communication and payment such as the mobile phone require power, so the daily struggle for scarce resources leads to conflicts, lost profits, and massive migration to the big cities.


There are almost 1 billion people on the planet with very limited access to electricity, and there are even more who, for lack of better, choose their own CO2-emitting mini-solutions such as diesel-powered generators.


None of those scenarios are optimal for the climate, development or the quality of life and survival of the affected people, which is described in the UN's 17 world goals, among other things.


Millfiled Energy Converters can help solve many of the challenges and plays directly into 14 of the UN's 17 world goals.

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