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Benefits of the Millfield Energy Converters

Constant electricity production and clean drinking water

We can harvest energy from tides and convert it into constant and CO2-neutral electricity production.

We can contribute with the production of clean drinking water, irrigation of cultivation areas, and diversion of wastewater and thus help to increase growth and welfare. Our focus is therefore immediately outlying areas where there is no alternative.

Reduction of CO2

We can provide light for children's school work, electricity for hospitals and communication via internet / satellite, whereby there is no need to burn lamp oil or fuel for generators.

A Millfield Flow Converter 100 KW (Flow2A) can, for example, save nature from an emission of 750 tonnes of CO2 per year. This is equivalent to boiling 37,500,000 liters of water in an electric kettle or more than 100,000 liters of water a day for a year.

Flexibility and scaling

The converters can be mounted individually or in farms. They can be mounted by river banks, dams, treatment plants, on barges, rocks, trees and on poles. Engine house with control system, pumps and generator - located on land and can be shared between several Converters.

Scaling is according to economy and needs - and since they are assembled in modules - the transport takes place uncomplicatedly with ordinary means of transport.

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