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Millfield Energy Converters were invented by father and son, Mogens and Michael Mølhede.

Michael Mølhede is currently CEO of the company and has collaborated with many different experts on the development of the machines - including DTU, FORCE Technology, Svend Ole Hansen ApS,  Dutch Marine Energy Center, Glasfiber DK and JL Hydraulik.

The company also has an advisory board with a wide range of advisers in various areas of competence, including Entrepreneur Hub, Amiki Group and Market Select. They help to develop both the company and the products, just as they have a wide network of dealers, distributors, decision makers, etc., we can draw on.


Going forward, we see great potential in selling Millfield Energy Converters to both public institutions, companies, private co-operatives and relief organizations, and with a strategy of using local distributors, there will be a short way to the decision makers.

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