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Millfield Flow Converter

The Millfiled Flow Converter can convert energy from rivers into stable electricity or pumping of water supply or wastewater.

MFC can harvest energy in rivers with flow speeds from 0.5 to 4 m / sec and is easily mounted on river banks, bridges, dams, barges, piles or rocks. It has a low operating speed that spares animal and plant life, and it is quiet and environmentally friendly.

In a river with an average flow of 2 m / sec, we can supply electricity to the equivalent of 66 Danish detached houses, and if the flow rate increases by only 50%, the effect is doubled to cover 128 detached houses. This corresponds to the desired lower limit for what at least 5202 African citizens should have access to, according to the International Energy Agency.

When MFC is mounted on a river bank, a wing module adapts to the water level, covering the river's flow with an area of 3.6 m2 at a time - up to 10 meters perpendicular to the river. The flow of water covers the 12-meter compact wing area of the wing module, which transfers the energy to a generator that produces electricity.

Our energy solution is easy to transport and can be established in a few hours. It is easily assembled and serviced on land, is highly scalable and can either stand alone or be collected in satellites that can share a generator.

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