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About the Millfield Energy Converters

The Millfield Energy Converters (MEC) are easy to transport and can be established in a few hours.

They are is easily assembled and serviced on land, are highly scalable and can either stand alone or be collected in satellites that can share a generator.


The MECs have a low operating speed that spares animal / plant life and they quiet and environmentally friendly.  

We envision a future where Millfield Energy Converters will be installed

  • along the thousands of miles of riverbanks where grid is not established or possible

  • along coasts, on wind turbine islands and on drilling platforms where they can harvest energy from the sea

  • as a 100% reliable supplement to existing grids and weather-dependent energy sources such as solar cells and wind turbines.


We may even be able to phase out the gigantic flooded growing areas by the costly dams, which prevent both navigation, wildlife migration and fry, and which disrupt local ecosystems.

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